Thursday, 18 June 2009

A Fabulous Show !!

Went to my Niece Amy Kirmans Degree Show at Preston on Friday. What a professional exhibition - I was amazed at how her work has developed. Most of all congratulations to her for getting on to the Post Grad teaching course . Shes going to make such a cool Teacher and I know shes got the strength of character for it after Teaching at an American Summer Camp last year. Well done Amy !!
As for the Degree Show as a whole there was some really top quality work and quite a range of styles from drawing and painting to installation and video. Really glad I was invited.
By the way, Amy appears on the right of the photo ( Not the one in front trying to steal the show or the one on the left who wishes she was 22 and only just graduating !! )

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Hannah Nunn said...

Wow looks lovely! clever girl!