Saturday, 29 August 2009

A Different Light - Kate Boyce Solo at The Calder Gallery

There will soon be an opportunity to see a collection of new paintings by me at The Calder Gallery in Hebden Bridge. My previous three solos there were a good success and I am really looking forward to this one and the chance at the opening night to meet those people who are interested in my work whether they be returning customers or people who are simply interested in seeing my originals 'in real life' having only previously seen my prints.
There is nothing like an impending solo show to make me knuckle down to some serious painting so I have produced over twenty new pieces for this show. The work is inspired by local yorkshire landscapes and beyond and ranges from mixed media canvas's of varying size to framed works on paper. Some of the pieces involve my collage techniques using photographic transfers and others are more abstract and purely about the paint. There are also some townscapes in my newer style of drawing on old papers ( see previous post 20/20 vision ). I find it interesting and fun to work in eclectic and varied ways at present and the exhibition reflects this. Hopefully visitors will find it interesting and fun too!

A Different Light by Kate Boyce is at The Calder Gallery from September 23rd till October 19th 2009
For an Invite to The Opening night on Sept 22nd Please leave a comment :)

Friday, 28 August 2009

Awww Cute!

The First shaky pics of our new kittens!! Fingers crossed they're ours anyway, we have a home visitor checking us out today then hopefully in a couple of days we'll be picking them up. Izzie and I found them at the RSPCA this week. It is all so exciting, for me as much for the children. I think maybe even Charlie is showing a slight interest!! We have been waiting all summer for the right time to start looking - till after our trips away to Scotland and Wales.

Talking of waiting, its been kind of a while since I posted here as well. I might even get around to mentioning my work later today - my brain has not really been very focused on such things during the school Hols, not totally a bad thing!


Hi, Just to let you know that you can see my latest ARTSY Treasury of quality Etsy Fine Art HERE Today. If you are interested in being featured in future ARTSY Treasuries just leave a comment and I will see if anything fits into my next theme. Best Wishes, Kate :)