Friday, 28 August 2009

Awww Cute!

The First shaky pics of our new kittens!! Fingers crossed they're ours anyway, we have a home visitor checking us out today then hopefully in a couple of days we'll be picking them up. Izzie and I found them at the RSPCA this week. It is all so exciting, for me as much for the children. I think maybe even Charlie is showing a slight interest!! We have been waiting all summer for the right time to start looking - till after our trips away to Scotland and Wales.

Talking of waiting, its been kind of a while since I posted here as well. I might even get around to mentioning my work later today - my brain has not really been very focused on such things during the school Hols, not totally a bad thing!


Hannah Nunn said...

Oh my God, they are gorgeous! Kittens are fun!...and bonkers!

Kate Boyce said...

I know - what am i letting myself in for? Yes lots of fun!

eleanors said...

How cute they are! The black one looks like one of ours. We got 5 of them at the beginning of May. Yes, they are fun but can overstrain you some time too!