Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Eternal ( 20:20 Vision )


Our fundraising exhibition at the weekend was called 20:20 (Celebrating 20 years of Northlight Studios ) and this was my take on the title. Hope you like it - something a bit different for me. I really like working with old book pages - altering the text by cutting, painting over and re-arranging. Suddenly a new narrative appears. This piece uses pages from Wuthering Heights, and old wartime magazines. It seems to me that hidden stories emerge from the history and nature of the landscape and maybe it is about something that is eternally a part of the place. Finally it is about slowing down to see whats around us with a clear vision.
The original piece was auctioned off but I was asked if I would make any prints so here we are. I have just added it to my Etsy shop and will soon follow suit with my own website and folksy. :)

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Laura Cameron said...

I'm really enjoying looking at your work, thanks for sharing!

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