Friday, 16 April 2010

New Work

Ok, managed to remember how to make a new blog post, first hurdle over. Now to decide what to put in it after so long away and so many creative tangents to cover. A good place to start seems to be with new paintings delivered today to Artzu Gallery in Manchester. These are hopefully the first of many to come over the next few months now that Winter is finally over. Yes folks I am partly blaming my lull in productivity on the cold snap. No really, the studio has been sO cold! My fingers were rendered disfunctional. I have tried to work at home but personally I get quite easily distracted. Anyway its over and i'm painting and buzzing with ideas again. I have some new work in The Calder Gallery for their reopening on April 24th/25th (See seperate post to come) and also some pieces at Ntama in Todmorden. But first off are these three new Manchester paintings at Artzu.

The River Irwell From Victoria Bridge

Castlefield and The Hilton.

Sunset, Salford Quays


Jo Clarke said...

love all the colours that you use

sam said...

Hey Kate, good luck with the exhibition, I was up at the Calder Gallery this weekend. By the way I really like your portraits, you should do more!

Hannah Nunn said...

Nice to hear from you! Not seen you for real life or on the blog! xxx