Sunday, 5 December 2010

Commuting to work - from Old Town to Hebden Bridge. ( What a way to earn a living! )

It doesn't always feel like work...for several reasons, not least because quite often the payment for a weeks labour is ... shall we say...nominal. Another obvious reason is that my work is also my passion and what I tend to choose to do with any odd half hour to myself. Thirdly though is the fact that my work is something I generally do here on my doorstep either at home in the hilltops that's Old Town above Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, or down in the valley in the town itself at my studio. That's where I was heading today for my second day of Open Studios and whereas yesterday I was carting all sorts of wares down in the car, having dug it out of the snow, this time I was hands free so I walked down through the fields. What a wonderful start to a working day and a reminder if any was needed of why i've ended up here as , amongst other roles, a landscape painter.

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