Saturday, 7 February 2009

Endorphins boost creativity

Im working at home at the moment as the studio is so darn cold! My aim yesterday was to stop for an hours hours break so that I could go for a run ( my new years resolution started off so well with, I think five runs in two weeks...but then I had a little break of about three weeks, hmmm.) Anyway, yesterday was not looking promising. I was struggling with a commission piece that was lacking focus and I couldn't leave it alone. Eventually forced myself out into the cold, wondered for about first twenty minutes why I was putting myself through such hardship, then in a sudden flash of inspiration the point of focus dawned on me. Not only that but being so eager to get home and crack on with my work I ran extra fast to finish the route...Now it may be that I dont go running again for another three weeks but for yesterday at least I felt great and my commission is progressing.
Trying to have a break fom work for the weekend now -which is difficult when the piece is here at home, but i'm going sledging with the girls now so what could be more fun.

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