Sunday, 8 February 2009

Old Town Mill

The view from my bedroom window this morning. I'm glad the snow has lasted till the weekend- its somewhat easier to appreciate it when not struggling to get the kids down the hill to school. We had a great time sledging yesterday then home to do crafts with the kids. We were making 'ATCs' (Artists trading cards) a bit of an American thing -not many people know about them here in England. They are basically mini artworks 7 x 9 cms designed to swap with your friends and its great to be able to create a couple of finished pieces in the space of an hour. The kids did some great ones using old comics to collage with and I did a collage of a bird.
Would quite like to do some more similar ones soon, just been watching the birds from the french window in the workroom- they look so lovely silhouetted against the snow.


rachellucie said...

Hi Kate, your blog is looking brilliant. Did you really just do it last week?! Love the pictures and info about your inspiration.

Kate Boyce said...

Hi Rachel, Thanks for that and thanks for the advice last week. When I began to set up a blog it turned out i'd actually already done so in 2007 but had never done anything with it - must have been one of those late night brainstorms... I do have a vague recolection. Anyway better late than never! Mine seems pretty basic compared to yours though - think I have lots too learn. Your pictures are fantastic too. XK