Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Suburban Chintz

I braved the temperature back in the studio yesterday, just for a couple of hours. Thought it was time I touched base and saw what was 'occurring'. Well not a lot it seems, I think everyone has been finding cosier places to be. Hopefully this year we shall get some insulating canopies put up. Anyhow I re-acquainted myself with the pieces of work I have stored there. This one is a few months old but I have not exhibited it yet. Have been choosing the right location and I think its probably the Manchester Gallery Artzu on Great Ancoats Street who I exhibit with on a regular basis. I would like to make it a series really. Its based on my middle-England suburban roots - I am interested in the way interior decoration stylised the natural landscape which the housing estates replaced. My aim is to make a study of this decoration by reflecting it back on the outside world. Its also a great excuse to play around with collage and some lovely patterns from the 70's and 80's!

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