Thursday, 19 February 2009

'Number Nine Rock'

At last I can show the commission I've been working on for the last few weeks. The customers picked it up yesterday and I can safely say they were really pleased. It is an assemblage of three panels -mixed media on wood. It is based on Shipley Glen a beauty spot near Bradford very popular in the past as a day trip destination for workers from the textile mills. Until a few years ago much of the old fairground still existed, now there is just a Tramway and a disused dodgems ride. It remains though a beautiful and atmospheric place

This is the piece closed -

and open -
and in detail - Its always lovely to make artwork for friends and really heartwarming to find that it makes them happy. This was a particularly enjoyable commission as it gave me the opportunity to do something I'd had in mind for a while - to make something that was very much about the history of a place and using old imagery and found objects. I'd love to do more work like this.

Talking of historical places, here's my very own time team on Tuesday exploring Vindolanda - an ancient Roman site near Hadrians wall. Its not far from Charlies mum and dads house but the first time we visited here. The girls seem to be just at the right age for it now - both mad about history and old things. What lovely enigmatic smiles.


sam said...

Is this like a triptych then Kate? Your very creative, it has a lovely sense of history to it

Hannah Nunn said...

hi kate. I tagged you. details on my blog.x

Kate Boyce said...

Thanks Sam,

Yes its a tryptich or a kind of alterpiece. A friend told me there is another name for these large book-like constructions..but it had temporarily escaped her - any thoughts anyone?


Chaska said...

Beautiful assemblage!!! I am so glad your client thought so, too.

susi said...

This is fabulous! Very detailed - terrific!

Susie Jefferson said...

Love this! I particularly like that you can leave it closed, or open, depending on mood, visitors to the house etc. Absolutely stunning, and I can imagine the recipients were blown away.

BTW, welcome to UKPA, it's a nice group, very mixed bag of people from all over, so I think you'll enjoy your time.