Friday, 27 March 2009

Multi-directional work!

My work's been taking me in a few different directions this week. And yes I do mean IT taking ME because I've had some sort of flu virus ever since the Craft Fair last Sunday and my head has been somewhat fuddled! I'm absolutely useless at doing nothing though so have kept busy though without direction. I kept planning to work in the studio- was desperate to work on the landscapes I had started but couldn't manage more than three or four hours all week!
I did manage however, at home to do some experimenting with painting and drawing on old book pages (see above) Its something I've been thinking about for a while - would be interested to know what you think. Have also today been working on my polymer clay jewellery- the craft fair last week made me realise I need more small stuff to sell!
I really hope I get in the studio for much of next week before the Easter holidays. Flitting about has started to send me just slightly loopy! I snagged a treasury today and gave it a crazy theme to acknowledge my plight- Take a peak at 'Blue Moon MADNESS' here:


Elizabeth Seaver said...

I like the work on book pages. I love the layering of the drawing and paint over the type. Do more!

sam said...

Hope you are feeling a bit better, i have something on my blog for you

DEB said...

I love the book paintings...A friend of mine introduced me to ledger art...The Native Americans used to draw pictures on ledger sheets to communicate things to the white men they were in commerce with. Ledger art is highly collectible - You might want to look into doing some reproductions.

Jo Bradford said...

I love painting and drawing over book pages myself. Your images look great, I look forward to seeing the final results. I am adding you to my blogroll by the way