Wednesday, 18 March 2009

PIF Giveaway - A chance to WIN one of my Reproduction, Archival Prints!!!

Here's a chance to WIN one of my Reproduction, Archival Prints !!! This is a PIF ( Pay it forward I was one of three lucky winners of a print by LittleBird ( and now I am passing the competition forward !

I will send three lucky Winners one of my prints and in return all you have to do is "pay it forward", either with art works ( if you too are a maker/blogger) or alternatively you could pledge to clear your neighbour's path or help a work colleague or something like that.

All you have to do is visit my Etsy shop and leave a comment after this post here on my blog to say which print you like and if I draw you name I will happily send you that print. Three names will be drawn out of a hat on March 31st, 6pm GMT. Good Luck !!!

PS. The Picture above is of 'Rooftops at Nutclough' a new addition to the range of reproduction prints in my Etsy Shop - More being added daily. ( )


dovedale said...

Hello, Kate,
What an interesting contest, so here goes! I like the View from Hotstones Hill very much.
I enjoyed reading your blog and was glad to see the paintings I bought were a bright spot in the sad week you lost your dear cat. I had to say goodbye to my 14-year old boxer the day after the winter Solstice, so I know exactly where you are. Two Jack Russells named Guster and Chesil do help keep me smiling.

Evie said...

Hi Kate,
I've just had a look at your shop and like your art very much! I've forgotten the name but the one I like is the first one listed. Thanks for offering a wonderful gift.
Evie from ArtComms

Jo Bradford said...

Hi. This is such a lovely idea. Hi from a fellow VASTy! I am following your blog too now. Jo

Elizabeth Seaver said...

What a wonderful concept--PIF! Well, I like them all, but my favorite is Water Flow to Old Town Mill. Thanks so much for your generosity, Kate.

Miriam said...

What a wonderful idea! I'm in...I love your work. I really love "Afternoon Sunset at Crimsworth". (I hope I got that right as I just read it and then came back would think I had never heard of copy and paste....)
I have also "followed" your blog now, too. :)

makeart said...

Hi Kate,

It was not easy picking a favorite when so many are my favorite!! But here goes. . .if I had to pick it would be Afternoon Sunlight above Crimsworth. I really love the light and how it plays across the landscape. Best wishes, Amanda from WWAO

sf said...

Rooftops above Nutclough, though the Venetian Laundry appeals too! Love your work.

Melanie said...

Hi Kate! I love your work. And it would be fun to join in a PIF like this on my blog! I looked all through your store... lots of lovely paintings and prints.

My favorite print is Sunset on Cross Hill. :-)


Catherin McMillan said...

Hi Kate

Im glad I came and had a look at your work its amaizing. My favourite is Nightfall at Blackshawhead. the colours are soooo striking I could look at it for ages.

thanks for your generosity Kate

shelley said...

me, me, me! pick me!
i love your work.

my favorite is The River Caimbe, Arisaig.
second favorite is Going to see the pigs.


and please forgive my not getting to your tag, i promise to respond soon.

sam said...

Theres some lovely prints there Kate, and a great idea! I think 'storm brewing' is one of my favourites. Have a great weekend:o)

Renée Gandy said...

Hi Kate..I am a fellow VASt member and saw your post on the forum. I visited your etsy shop and would love to be part of your PIF promotion

The print I like best is Rooftops above Nutclough although I love all of them.

longbob said...

Crimsworth Dean Beck is stunning. Not sure how I ended up seeing your work - following links takes you to some wonderful places. Your work is very inspiring

Artfully yours, Linda said...

Hi Kate,

I tryed to leave a comment but got cut off - so if you get two from me you will know why. I love your work and the play it forward idea. My favorite is the International Buffet. Thanks for sharing!

Jean Levert Hood said...

I love this one, Kate!

Very hard to pick just one! Your work is wonderful.