Monday, 2 March 2009

Rollercoaster of a week

Just thought I'd show you the latest two prints to be added to my Etsy shop: Both have been popular pieces sold from my Open Studios and local Galleries.

This one First Light at Horsehold one of my early works was the first ever original that The Calder Gallery sold for me.

And this one 'Into the Valley ' is from last years collection.

I will be putting more prints in my shop soon. In the meantime if there are any paintings you know of from my website that you would like to buy a print of , just let me know.

I had great news at the weekend my first Etsy sale of two Originals to a customer from North Carolina - How exciting. Just the sort of news I needed after a week overshadowed by losing my beloved cat of seventeen years.

A final bit of news is that you can now also buy my fun Polymer Clay jewellery ( see below ) online from

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Hannah Nunn said...

well look at you go!!!