Friday, 13 March 2009


Well, it was a lovely bright morning when I took the girls to school so I thought I'd go for a run when I got back before starting some work. By ten o'clock though this was the scene that greeted me! What a twist of fortune though because I didn't even realise that it was misty moody weather that I would be needing to inspire me for my next set of landscapes. Have been thinking of doing some more pieces along the lines of 'First light at Horsehold' (see a couple of posts ago). I've allways loved this piece but my work took a different turn after comleting it. So time to revisit and explore more possibilities. I'm going to work along the same lines in terms of proportion, dark and light balance and the importance of spacious painted areas. Will also explore though new landscapes, colour pallettes, and lightness. Have started to work on a few colour studies today whilst I still have pictures in my mind from my run. Didnt actually have the camera with me - above picture taken when I returned, inevitably too late. There was a moment when the cloud lifted slightly and a strip of sun on the horizon lit the middle ground. Hope I can capture it!
Must put my hours in at the studio next week. Have had a sick child again for most of this week but hopefully thats the end of it for now.

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