Friday, 6 March 2009

Storm Brewing, Oats Royd Mill

One of my most recent paintings currently on show at The Calder Gallery, Hebden Bridge . This is one of two larger scale pieces they have of mine at present ( 90 x 70 cm's ). I am happy to say that its hanging above the front desk - a spot that has proved lucky for me in the past, so fingers crossed! Had some good feedback already.
The Calder Gallery has two rooms - one of which is usually a mixed show and the other often a solo. My turn will be at the end of September. This month it is the turn of painter Eric Appleton.
We went to the preview evening on Tuesday. Unfortunately the artist himself couldn't make it but there were some lovely people there including several I knew so it was a pleasant evening. Eric's work met with a very favorable response. The piece below called 'Early start' is apparently the artists own favorite and mine too.

PS. One of my pictures has been featured in an Etsy Treasury!

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artangel said...

Your work is beautiful Kate - and it's good to see another Northern lass on Etsy!

sam said...

This is stunning Kate, Im not suprised they wanted it above the front desk!

Kate Boyce said...

Thanks for the feedback guys, its allways good to know people are out there. That reminds me Sam I must get back to some emails...

21 said...

Beautiful, I love the colors. :)